Constructioning started again at the Teglvaerk in Knabstrup!

Last year we created a painting atelier, an outside kitchen, compost toilets, and a mass rocket oven in our current seminar room/inside kitchen area. Now we are starting the process of insulating the walls, creating new sleeping areas, finishing the seminar room, and preparing our permaculture project, which will be one of the main projects during our Spring Festival on April 21-25. But there will be many other projects also, and we can use any help possible starting now!

We are happy about people with constructing- and gardening skills. However, if you always wanted to learn how to do brick-laying, mix mortar, cut wood, etc., you are very welcomed also!

So if you want to help us build, paint, plant, or cook – you are most welcomed to join us!

Bring your working hands, warm working clothes, sleeping bag, towel, hidden talents and good energy to Denmark! If you have tools or other useful things please bring those as well.

There are sleeping rooms with mattresses, warm clothes, etc for helping workers. We organize and cook food together. Please note that it is a construction site – therefore dirty and cold in most areas. For a warm shower and a warm bed we can organize trips to our community house in Copenhagen from Fridays to Sundays (however, space there is limited).

If you can’t come right now – remember us… this is an ongoing project with a bright future, so come anytime for a short or long time and leave your mark on it! As mentioned above, the Spring Construction Festival will happen on Easter at the end of April, 21-25.

(For more information feel free to contact us.