Working Groups

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On Makvärket events, projects and activities are carried out by volunteers often organised in working groups

The current groups (per November 2023) are:

  • The Board
    Is taking care of the administrative part of Makvärket.

  • Group Of Operations
    Makes sure the Factory works as good as possible on a day to day basis.

  • Booking
    Coordinates bookings of the different spaces available at Makvärket.

  • Economy
    Oversees budgets and accounting of the project.

  • Tuesday Café
    Organizes cozy biweekly cafés from 16-19. Every time a delicious soup is served half past five.

  • Movement
    Plans and executes the construction of the Movement Room.

  • Event
    Organises events and brings cultural content to Makvärket.

  • Fundraising
    Seeks fundraising opportunities and prepares applications for them.

  • IT
    Maintains the website, the wifi network and other IT projects.

  • Madvärk (Peoples kitchen)
    Organises and cooks for the peoples kitchen every first Friday of the month.

  • Communications
    Works with internally and externally communication.

We are working to provide improved communication and visibility into the groups’ activities. For the moment, please get in touch if you want to become part of any group.