About membership

We are a community around Makvärket of people working practically and theoretically for the necessary cultural, social, environmental and economic transformation of society.

To make sure the project can keep on growing many years from now, we invite everyone in this extended community to become members of the Makvärket association!

As a member you can contribute to the Makvärket project in many ways: with your friendship and with your financial support, by joining a working group or simply by participating in activities or events.

As a member you will receive a quarterly newsletters as well as invitations for events happening at the factory. Once a year we will host a Grand meeting for all members to create a space to share visions and ensure transparency among other things.

As Makvärket members we can all together find the way towards things like sustainable development, artistic and cultural events, education and environmental awareness programs, art and music production, information and media networking, community projects, activism and much more.

Membership of Makvärket association
Makvärket is formally organized as an association. Being a member of the association means having a will to support the values and ideas behind Makvärket, and/or a desire to use the facilities on the factory in different degrees. The physical spaces at Makvärket are big and can accommodate different interests and levels of engagement. To mirror this in the association, we have chosen a model where members can chose between different levels of engagement. All members are invited to a yearly grand meeting that we call a Imaginarium, which you can read more about further down.

How to become a member
To become a member simply click the button further down and fill in your personal information.
It is possible to choose between 3 different levels of engagement in the project. You can receive the quarterly newsletter to stay updated on how the project is doing. On top of this you can choose to receive invitations by mail, for participating and helping out at building weeks and other events happening at Makvärket. Thirdly you can choose to be actively engaged in in a more continuous way, in working groups or long term projects. You can always change your level of engagement by writing us an email.
The next step is to decide how much money you would like to support Makvärket with on a monthly basis. We have chosen this approach, rather than a fixed amount, so that no one is excluded from being a member because of economic reasons. At the same time it is important for us to make it clear that Makvärket does not run entirely on good ideas and voluntary work. It is rather the case that an unfortunately large amount of energy of the work in the association goes towards creating incomes to cover our basic expenses. The more money we can get in from membership donations, the more energy the association will be able to channel realizing meaningful activities on the factory.

More transparent power structures and active working groups
In order to make Makvärket run in a good way we believe that it is important to make power structures transparent and to make it easy for people to take part in developing Makvärket. As it is today much decision power lay with the Makvärket collective. The collective has monthly meetings and take the main responsibility for running the association. As such the collective resembles a board in common Danish associations. The main differences to a common Danish association is that decisions are taken by consensus and that membership of the collective is granted by the collective rather than by voting on a general assembly. The daily operation of activities on the factory are handled by “The Factory Group” which consists of a group of voluntarily working guests and hosts.

A goal for the future is to make more active working groups for all members to join, and thereby share the workload and power that comes with taking responsibility more evenly. We will invite every working group and each person active in Makvärket to join every fourth monthly meeting in a Plenary, where the focus is on broad coordination and talk between groups. In this way we will divide tasks and responsibility, and also make it easier for more people to put energy into parts of the association and the factory.

A yearly grand meeting – Imaginarium
Once a year we will invite for a grand members meeting for everyone who are members of the Makvärket association, and people who would like to become members. These meetings are there for all of us to meet and talk, to get updated, to dream and be visionary, make space for working groups to present themselves and new working groups to form. The meeting is also there to create space for informal talks and social hang out and general community care, which is an equally important part of the Makvärket. To keep the Makvärket visionary and inspiring we need to also find and refind our own fascination with it.

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