Autumn construction festival – 16.-24. october

The second part of the annual Construction Festival in Knabstrup (also known as Bygge Hygge) is just around the corner. From October 16 – 24 we will work on all different building sites at the Teglværk in Knabstrup, DK. Participation is free. Sign up online or just stop by!

There are no special skills required, but building experience is of course welcome. We will find a suitable project for everyone (no one is going to work alone!), and you can learn something about constructioning on many different levels.
Be prepared for simple living conditions during the camp.
You will need to bring your sleeping bag and a mat, as there is more than enough indoor space with a limited number of mattresses. Also bring warm clothes and/or a good spirit. There is revolutionary compost toilets and a cold shower. Communal meals are prepared together.