Support Makvärket – Become a member!

Makvärket is run by volunteers and a significant part of our economy is based on membership payments. So please pay your membership fee if you are a member. You pay to our Danish bank account: 8401 0001129719. The easiest is to set up a recurrent monthly payment – then you are sure you always contribute to our magic place.

If you are not a member then join the club! READ MORE HERE and SIGN UP HERE. You decide for how long you want to be a member and you also decide how much you can pay – all contributions are more than appreciated and very needed!

One thought on “Support Makvärket – Become a member!

  1. Hey ho!
    Schön immer wieder was zu hören.
    Meine Frage würde sein: wieviel Kontingent ist denn erwünscht?
    Viele Grüße an Alle von Sarah

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