Due to Corona we have had to cancel Imaginarium in december. We are hoping instead to organize it when it is safe to meet in larger numbers again.

Dear friends of Makvärket

Once again we would like to invite you to Imaginarium. Our yearly gathering for all of us who have Makvärket as part of our life in some way or another – at Makvärket on the 5th of December from 14 o’clock and into the night.

At this year’s Imaginarium we will explore our dreams for the future Makvärket. In this time of Corona where social contact is constrained and joyful projects are limited, we would like to open up our collective mind and take a look into the future we dream of, and explore how to make it happen. Our aim with the day is not to make concrete project plans or to form new working groups. Instead we want to create a space to see Makvärket with new eyes and develop our common vision. 

We would like to gather everyone in the extended Makvärket network, who have or would like to have Makvärket as part of their life. Whether you are a member of Makvärket, active in a working group, or in some other way have a commitment to the place, we hope you would like to share this day with us.  

The program is still in the making but it will include: A dream trip where we visit Makvärket 20 years down the line, awesome cake, some group work, space for informal chit chat and probably some common vision collage. 

There will be dinner on donation after the gathering and maybe even a little concert – so plan to stay for some cozy time into the night. 


Tell us if you are coming: We would like to know in advance how many we are. So please sign up on this pad if you would like to come including your email so we can contact all participants if needed when we get closer:  

Language: The common language will be english. If you do not feel comfortable with english we will figure out some help with translation into danish and possible other languages if needed. 

Please bring a mat and a blanket for the dream trip if you can

Children: We have not organised caretaking of kids during the meeting. If anyone feels like organising it, we are very grateful, then please let us know. We also encourage everyone who will bring children to write it in the pad and leave their contact details, so it’s possible to coordinate between people bringing kids. 

Corona: Things change fast and we don’t know what is possible in 2 months from now, but we will do what we can to make the event as safe as possible. If anything changes closer to the date we will write it out to everyone who signed up.

Dinner help: If you would like to help prepare dinner before Imaginarium starts please also write that in the pad, and we will contact you when the day approaches. 

Any questions?: Feel free to write Tannie at 

Bring your good energy and imagination and come dream with us. 

Hope to see you

Fermin and Tannie A.K.A the planning committee