En Rejse i Makvärket

Lovely people of the world!

We want to share with you a magical journey into the old, big, mystical cultural factory Makvärket, a place where music, dance, art, circus, yoga, acroyoga, kirtan, co-creation, community and love live free in a parallel dimension to the world as we may know it.
We’re opening our home to welcome you all to spend the weekend with us in this living and breathing factory that is always expanding and growing, inviting you to grow along!

Come and Travel the experience of Makvärket

We thank Nature Tales for producing this with us.

We are really excited to see you all soon!

Makvärket support team!

——– Line up ————–

Saturday 23/11

The Circus Hall
12:00 Yoga w/ Jacob Dernje w/ Live music by Ishtaspira
14:00 Snakester, Ishtadi & Respira B&B (Downtempo DJ Set)
19:30 Tara (World Live Band)
21:00 Cacao Art Party Initiation w/ Cacao Copenhagen
22:00 D. Tuomi & The Nature Tales Crew
(Electro-Acoustic Downtempo & Ethnic Techno)
02:00 Respira & The Nature Tale Crew
(Electro-Acoustic Organic Ambient, Sleep Concert)

The Foyer
14:00 Lunch
15:00 The Makvärket Tour Game
17:00 Workshop: Acro Yoga w/ Akroyoga København
19:00 Dinner

Creative Areas
*Most of the event will be happening in the grand Circus Hall, where we’re creating areas for your creativity to happen!
An art space, an acroyoga jam / yoga area & a juggling corner!
So please do bring you arts & crafts – your yoga pants and your juggling stuff to jam and learn together!
There will be proffesional facilitators jamming along, to inspire and share the passion and love for creativity.


The Circus Hall
09:00 Meditation & Kirtan w/ Dada Krsnasevananda from Ananda Marga Yoga Center – Frederiksberg, Danmark
12:00 @Bare Mennesker (Live Sound Journey)
13:30 Zaftik (Live Set)
15:30 Milo – Reversible Records (PsyDub DJ Set)
18.00 Goodbye & Thank you ♥

The Foyer
10:30 Breakfast
11:00 Talk: Be Makvärket !
13:00 Acro Yoga w/ Akroyoga København

* Art exhibition: During the whole festival you are welcome to visit the amazing exhibition of our dear friend and talented artist Ides Parmentier!


What you NEED TO KNOW!

+16 (as Makvärket is always under construction work), infants are welcome.
You are all welcome to sleep here, both in the Circus Hall and in other heated quiet rooms.
Please bring your own sleeping bag, pillow & mat.
There is a max of 100 places available, please register before November 19th to secure your spot.
Minimum donation 200 kr
Minimum donation with cacao 240 kr.
Mobile Pay 50 17 21 75 – Simon Tiredal
Please write your NAME and “DONATION” in the Mobile Pay description.
If you don’t have Mobile Pay please contact us through FB for alternative ways of donating.

We will provide all meals, cakes & coffee by donation.



Makvärket is a cultural and environmental collective in progress: a growing, self-organised, voluntary community of people working practically and theoretically for the increasingly necessary cultural, social, environmental and economic transformation of society.
Since 2008, the Makvärket association has been engaged in developing and renovating the former Knabstrup Teglværk, an old ceramics factory in Knabstrup, 70 km west of Copenhagen, into a centre for culture and ecology.


Nature Tales is an organization and music channel utilizing modern technology, community culture and spiritual philosophies to tailor transformative experiences combining cultural events with body awareness, wellness and contact with nature.
By creating spaces where activities like relaxation, yoga, meditation and dance, are accompanied by live music and DJ’s, we make self-discovery and transformation into a playful journey, that comfortably inspires to an increased presence and understanding of what mental and physical wellness is.

Program Info:

—// SATURDAY //—

Yoga w/ Jacob Dernje and music by Ishtaspira
12:00 – 14:00
One of Copenhagen’s grand ol’ yoga teachers’ Jacob Dernje, comes by to open the experience with a session of Sivananda based Hatha Yoga, available for all levels of experience.
The class will focus on breath and going through the body as a whole.
To increase the presence in the practise Ishtaspira will be accompanying the class with their Live organic ambient music.

is a collaborative project of Jakob Ahlers (Ishtadi) and Markus Frandsen (Respira), both from Denmark. Combining their passion and knowledge of electronic music, ancient instruments, sound therapy and healing practices, such as yoga and meditation, Ishtaspira creates unique live-performances of electro-organic ambient soundscapes. Within the past year, they have been performing in Denmark, India and Germany, often in highly innovative or unusual settings for electronic music.

The Makvärket Game
15:00 – 17:00 (The Foyer)
A Magical Game taking us the hidden and unknown corners of Makvärket.
More info TBA.

Snakester – Downtempo DJ Set
15:00 – 18:30 (The Circus Hall)
The grand ol’ yoga teacher Jacob Dernje is quite the unknown – Master Selector,
who’ve we’ve finally persuaded to get up on the decks with support from Ishtadi & Respira playing a

The grand ol’ yoga teacher Jacob Dernje is quite the unknown – Master Selector,
who’ve we’ve finally persuaded to get up on the decks with support from Ishtadi & Respira.
Having selected since the dawn of electronic music came, be prepared for unusual rares, groovy underground and oldtime lasting classics.

Bringing the sounds of nature and soul, he draws from sources all over the world, creating a unique tapestry of multi colored intertwining complex yet groovy stories of all kinds!
His work involves unifying movement culture with celebratory culture through creating music and conscious parties, cacao ceremonies and celebrations that inspire us to grow as human beings.

With this producer / DJ of organic beats and vibes, it’s time to breathe and refresh the feelings inside, tuning to the core of the self.
Let Respira inspire for more breathing and more life!

Tara (World Live Band)
19:30 – 21:00
Tara consitsts of Daniel & Povl Kristian. Daniel plays on the magical Rav Drum, similar to a hang.
Povl plays the keys, strings and flute instruments.
Together they create a wide soundscape in the electro-acoustic chill out universe.

Cacao Art Party
21:00 – 04:00
Saturday night we’re taking partying and celebrating up a level in the rate of creativity and expression.
Cacao Copenhagen is taking us on one of their cacao party specials,
inviting us to dance and create as a tribe.
The night will begin with an opening ceremony and dance workshop with Rosanna Damstoft & Nicolas Sibani guiding us into the space, becoming present within ourselves, familiar with each other and the space allowing for flow to unfold.
connecting with each other and ourselves.
In the corner there will be an arts & crafts space available to let go into the realms of colors and creation.
The music will be improvised and created live by the Nature Tales tribe, with a host of musicians and producers continuously co-creating with the living and moving room we share, guiding us into the night ending with an ambient sleep concert
D. Tuomi (Live Set)
Ishtadi (Live Set, Didgeridoo, Flute, Harp & Vocals)
Respira (Live Set) Zaftik (Vocals)
Rasmus Kettel (Bass)
Oliver Featherston (Sax & Clarinet)
More to be announced.

Cacao Copenhagen
The sacred cacao is a natural aphrodisiac used in the mayan and aztec cultures as a mediate between humans and our nature, by releasing our tryptamines and endorphins,
boosting our emotional reserve, helping us to be in touch with our emotions and state of being.
As a group of workshop facilitators, yoga teachers, herbalists and artists, our work revolves around utilizing and exploring this ancient tool and method, integrating it into modern means that answers our basic social needs.
The necessity to meet together, to touch and be touched, the connection and an authentic relating with other individuals, in a safe space with clear guidelines and communication.
Leaning on the wheel of consent, stating our boundaries we can explore our feelings and each other’s beings.

D. Tuomi (Downtempo Live Set)
A.k.a. Dennis Tuomi (SE/FI), 37 years old, is an educated Sound Engineer and Social Teacher specialised in Expressive Art, Human Behaviour and Psychology. Throughout his technically based education Dennis has also studied Graphic Design, Photo, Video and Radio Production.
Today Dennis is a Copenhagen based sound and video artist who creates art and music with sound performances and interactive sound installations. His music is a never ending mixture of genres and flavours, kept open for the audience to interpret and tune into. Once you’re tuned in, you can experience a wide spectrum of dynamics; going from a relaxed meditative state towards energetic and dissolving chaos.
The core essence behind Dennis art is the authenticity and freedom of expression because the Live setup is rarely the same and varies with instruments, installations, microphones, audio processors and a wide selection of sampled sounds.

— // SUNDAY // —

Dada Krsnasevananda
09:00 – 10:30
Coming from Ananda Marga Danmark, resident monk and leader at Ananda Marga Yoga Center – Frederiksberg, Danmark & Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center
Dada has a unique ability to charm the world, as to make the world love itself – even more.
Beginning he’ll guide us into a deep meditation, whereafter he will lead us into Kirtan singing, where we can sing along and resonate the words of a higher power.

Bare Mennesker
12:00 – 13:30
Sound Journey with Bare Mennesker
Bare Mennesker (Just Humans) invites you to travel into a universe of meditative sound and relaxation
with them. Come and dance, sit or lie down, close your eyes and let yourself be taken
on a unique musical sound journey experience.
Bare Mennesker is a musicians collective which improvises soundscapes totally live, so
every sound journey is different and unique!
They normally play outdoor, where you can find them in parks & forests and at lakes &
beaches, but this time you can cozy up and be warm & comfortable inside 🙂
Bare Mennesker consists of Arnt – didgeridoo, vocals and drum machines, Tom –
keyboards, vocals and percussion, Martin – bas, Izzy – percussion and electronic
drumkit; Charlene – vocals, poetry and visuals.

Zaftik (Live Set)
13:30 – 15:30
ZAFTIK is an experiment in juicy sounds and downtempo beats. Combining performance and production, ZAFTIK creates a unique spectrum of fresh and fluffy sounds. Expect live vocals, hip shakers, expressive dance and juicy weirdness.

Milo – Reversible Records (PsyDub DJ Set)
15:30 – 17:30
Camilla is a 23 year old DJ, based in Copenhagen. She started DJ’ing at the end of 2017, and have since then been a rising DJ in Denmark. She has an immense love for all kinds of electronic music, and her sets is mainly focused on different kinds of uptempo electronica. She is always trying to expand her library of music, and is moving between twilight, nighttime, fullon and recently started digging into deep house, psychedelic dub and techno. You can always expect high energy, funky vibes and brittle beats injected directly in your veins, when she spins the decks!