Short Update on the Deconstruction Festival


From the 18th – 27th March, Makvärket played host to a Deconstruction Festival to help prepare for this summer’s main construction project, in which 30+ travelling German craftspeople will come and be part of extending the glass corridor between the two factory buildings to protect them against the elements and join the two halves of the factory together.

before and after corridor.JPG

the corridor – before and after

Over the 10 days, around forty people passed through the factory. We kept ourselves busy tearing down a number of old roofs and walls that were standing where the corridor and glass roof will be, and cleared out large areas of the lower floor to make space for both the construction site and the corridor itself. All the while, we sorted and drove old materials away to the recycle station, and finally got started building the working platform we’ll use to build the new roof.

before during after.JPG

the roof – before, during and after

Over the spring and early summer, we’ll continue to prepare the working site so that we can hit the ground running in July.