April Working Weekend

Put a cross in your diary: the weekend of April 17-19th will set the stage for the last in our gripping trilogy of working weekends before the Grand Opening in May.

February and March saw the construction of no less than three new forest garden guilds, overcoming rain, snow, more rain and one partial eclipse of the sun. A rainwater collection system was set up, and more chestnut logs were split, chopped and stacked into firewood than you can shake a stick at.

Within the factory, work continued apace on readying the multi-hall complex for its breathless public: fixing the bar, wiring up lighting, fitting the kitchen, painting and plastering the toilets and heck knows what else.

The time is now upon us to give the multi-hall a final dose of tender, loving care and plant out the wealth of perennial vegetables which as we speak are slowly sprouting forth in pots and trays.

So keep your eyes on Facebook and join us in April for more forest gardenin’, bee hivin’, byggehygge og haveglæde. You know it makes sense!