New soundsystem with support from Tuborgfondet


We just got ourselves a new soundsystem for the Circushall. The system is put together so it can be both split up into several minor PA’s  and connected into one big system, to fit Makvärkets flexibility needs and different locations. With this step done we are getting very close to have the Circushall-area finished and made ready for renting and use. We expect the facilities to be open for renting from the end of May.

Soundworkshop: At some point in April there will be a Speaker&Cable-workshop, where we will setup the system and make all the cables for it. We will make an announcement when we get closer. It will be possible to learn how to solder you’re own XLR/Jack/Speaker cables, how to put up and connect a bigger soundsystem and how to change the speaker plugs.

Thanks again to Tuborgfondet for making proper sound possible in Makvärket.