The Festival Programme is up

Now the festival will start, and therefor it’s very nice to be able to present a programme or at least it’s starting point.

We are very much looking forward to this whole month. There has been a new situation in the preparation of the festival, as we have been about ten people almost only working on that on site for about 3 weeks, and a lot of people all around, even in other countries, doing different things that helped the preparations.

Please note that there won’t be much happening in Knabstrup on the very 1st of july, as many will be attending a ten years anniversary party in Det Gode Skib Apokafet, Dortheavej 54 in Copenhagen. You are also welcome to join us here and then go to Knabstrup together with others from there saturday or sunday.

The 2nd and 3rd of july will bring a thorough introduction and probably developments of the existing construction and garden plans, and this work will be continued throughout the festival, in different ways.

There isn’t so much on the cultural programme yet, but a lot more is on it’s way, and maybe you have something to add?

See the programme, as it looks now, here

Sign up for the festival here