Double concert: Benjamin Whitehill + Dicht, May 8!

Where: At Makvärket!

When: Come around 8 o’clock!

Money: Donation!

Benjamin Whitehill – guitar solo

Benjamin Whitehill is a Berlin based musician and guitar player working largely with extended technique in improvisational contexts. Although generally abstract in its nature, his playing is rooted in the finger-style folk of guitarists such as Bert Jansch (the folk music of the British isles – as well a musical continuum that can be traced through its various revivals – being a general influence on his work). Following from this background, he mostly plays amplified acoustic guitar; with a technique focussed on the use of feedback as a creative device and an exploration of open strings, as well as that of the instruments natural resonances and textural / percussive potential. He plays solo and in various spontaneous and established ensembles, including Scree Fucking Junk, an electro-acoustic doom-drone / spoken word duo with Isaac Ray. His solo output is centred around minimalism, noise, drone and lo-fi aesthetics. He releases music on his own Difficult Folk imprint.

Dicht – trio piano/guitar/trumpet (FR)

Around a versatile instrumentation, the trio frantically combines: the strange super-timbre improvises organic percussion / reaction games, between dense maximalist textures and minimalist compact sound.