Get your ticket for Makvärks Festival 2018!

Dear friends!

The celebration of Makvärkets 10th year anniversary is coming very close. In about a month, we will open the doors to the most ambitious cultural event in Makvärkets history.

Makvärks Festival 2018

We’ve already sold most of the tickets, so if you wanna be sure to take part in this adventure, now is the time to get it. You can get it right here!

Included in the ticket:

– Access to the festival (30 concerts, 17 performances, workshops and much more)
– Membership of Makvärket
– Food (1 meal friday, 2 meals saturday, 2 meals sunday, )

Children under 12 year free entrance.

Expect a pallette of Circus, Theater, Music, Dance, Workshops, Lectures, Carbaret, Delicious Food for Body & Mind, Installations, Art in various forms, Collective Consciousness, Colourful and Mind Expanding Decorations in a human and family friendly space!

Makvärket is a culture- & environmental collective, that are constantly experimenting with collective culture, co-creativeness and how to do things together in an atmosphere of social awareness and creative expression. Participating in this festival, you will be as much part of creating this 3-days fairytale as the 70 voluntary enthusiasts that are preparing the location as we speak, and the more than 150 artists that are preparing magic for you to behold and take part in during the weekend.

Let the magic unfold