Happy Summer 2012!

It’s been a while since the last news from Makvärket. Now summer is here, which brings a lot of excitement along.

The spring has been great fun and a lot of hard work. We succeeded in making an easter construction festival and an ecological construction workshop week, which brought a lot of nice changes and improvements to our beloved factory.

At the moment many volunteers from all corners of the world are joining Makvärket, which we are very happy with. There has been made great progress in the renovation of the ceramics factory as a whole.

As most of you probably know, we now have the multi hall project fully financed.

We have therefore decided to do what we can to finish this project before summer 2013. From late july, we will have main focus on continues construction work in and around the multi hall. There will be a lot of exciting carpentry and masonry work to do together in workshops through the summer and autumn. More information on this will come.

You are all very welcome to come and help with the big job that is finishing the multi hall and all the other smaller and bigger projects.

Looking forward to building Makvärket with all of you.