Imaginarium – yearly members meeting

Autumn is in the horizon and that means that it’s time for the yearly members meeting Imaginarium. More precisely are you invited for the Imaginarium Saturday the 3rd of September from 11-16, including at cosy lunch break.

If you are not allready a member and wish to be it you can sign up here: (The Imaginarium is a members only event)

It will be a cosy day were we come together, bring each other up to date with year that passed, elect a new collective board (through consensus minus one) and talk about the year to come.

FYI: The collective board is a group of minimum 6 Makvärk members that, for one year, sign up take care of the organizational operation of the association alongside with the seasonal meetings. It’s a job that we wish to circulate between members of Makvärket, and therefore we invite you to think of if you would like to be part of The Collective Board for the coming year. If you have questions or are curious about the work please contact one of the Imaginarium facilitators.

The agenda goes like this:

  • Welcome and presentation round
  • The year that past – short update from the active Makvärk working groups
  • The movement room project – visions, plans and tasks
  • Candidates for the collective board present themselves (let the facilitators know if you want to be a candidate for the collective board)
  • Constitution of the new collective board
  • Incoming proposals from the members (let the facilitators know latest the 19th of august if you have a proposal)
  • The upcoming Makvärk year – group reflections on dreams and plans for the coming year
  • Closing ritual

If you plan to join the Imaginarium please send an email telling that you are coming:

Friday before the meeting we have peoples kitchen and a very exciting double concert with Mary Ocher and Phtalo, so you are very welcome to come already Friday, join the concert and stay the night. Read more about the concert here:

Looking forward to see you,

Your Imaginarium facilitators,

Leo ( and Kristine (

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